Unusual solutions from classic game design



Adventure, survival horror

Release Date


Target Platforms

PC, Nintendo Switch (After Release)

A bite-sized experience that is a homage to early computer adventure games.

Holos, a small town in the countryside of the U.S., the headquarters of the Holos Electric Company (HEC) - a local company engaged in searching for alternative energy sources. As a result of an unsuccessful experiment, the town freezes in time and becomes the center of numerous anomalies. In the middle of this chaos, accidentally, the player becomes the centerpiece of the story. The only escape is the center of the anomaly and the secrets are hidden by HEC. 

Key Features

○ First-person adventure game with elements of classic survival horror games;
○ Micro-open-world with freedom of exploration and non-linear gameplay;
○ Intriguing sci-fi story with elements of horror, inspired by cult series such as The X-Files, The Twilight Zone;
○ Graphic style inspired by the first adventure games;
○ Up to 2 hours of gameplay


Genre: action-adventure
Release date: 2024
Target platforms: PC, Nintendo Switch

A post-apocalyptic world is set so far in the future that the current technology seems to be a long- forgotten fairy tale. This is the world where the cyclic nature of human civilization again took a turn into the medieval. The technology, indistinguishable from the magic, together with the gothic intertwined with high tech creates the mysterious, unknown, alien yet familiar and grounded world. The hero, sick and exiled, fights the way in the last crusade before finally sinking into the Black Somnia.

Key Features:

• Mind-bending, atmospheric, cinematic platformer with action elements
• Linear world and gameplay with maze-like areas and intriguing environmental puzzles

• Moody atmosphere and art style inspired by comic book

• Plot-driven gameplay with minimalistic storytelling with open-ended interpretation

• 4-6 hours of heavily curated gameplay with different endings


• Linear Cinematic Platformer
• Risk-reward combat system

• Non-linear level design

• Environmental puzzles

• Mix of 2.5D and 3D movement


Genre: Adventure
Release date: 2023 (EP:01) — 2026
Target platforms: PC, Next-Gen Consoles

An episodic game series exploring themes of the multiverse, time loops, and paranormal anomalies. Inspired by cult classic TV series such as X-Files, Fringe, and Twilight Zone, each episode will provide different, bite-sized gaming experience.

More info in the future

BLACK SOMNIA is a company signed by the recognized post-production studio Juice and the related gaming studio Juice Games. We focus on exploring classic game design and experimenting with unusual solutions so that the resulting projects surprise with immersive gameplay. At the same time, with each title, we create a unique visual language, that will be a strong distinguishing mark in the game industry. Thanks to this, the BLACK SOMNIA company will build a community of players around itself, which will gradually grow.


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If you want to have a creative voice and take part in long discussions about whether to add a ladder to the level, you might have a place here. Just write us.

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